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il sorgere della luna | Vincenzo Corsi

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maggie a. ballerina at the jacobs school of music bloomington, indiana september, 2014


maggie a.
ballerina at the jacobs school of music
bloomington, indiana
september, 2014

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“It’s amazing how you can make my heart and break it in a days time.”

—   Yesterday was rough. I should’ve expected nothing less.

how far have you walked for men who’ve never held your feet in their laps?
how often have you bartered with bone, only to sell yourself short?
why do you find the unavailable so alluring?

where did it begin? what went wrong? and who made you feel so worthless?
if they wanted you, wouldn’t they have chosen you?

all this time, you were begging for love silently, thinking they couldn’t hear you, but they smelt it on you, you must have known that they could taste the desperate on your skin?
and what about the others that would do anything for you, why did you make them love you until you could not stand it?

how are you both of these women, both flighty and needful?
where did you learn this, to want what does not want you?
where did you learn this, to leave those that want to stay?

-Warsan Shire

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“I’m sorry you were not truly loved and that it made you cruel.”

—   Warsan Shire (via wordsnquotes)

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“The poison leaves bit by bit, not all at once. Be patient. You are healing.”

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“They say you don’t get over someone until you find someone or something better. As humans, we don’t deal well with emptiness. Any empty space must be filled. Immediately. The pain of emptiness is too strong. It compels the victim to fill that place. A single moment with that empty spot causes excruciating pain. That’s why we run from distraction to distraction — and from attachment to attachment.”

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“There’s a special place in my heart for the ones who were with me at my lowest and still loved me when I wasn’t very loveable.”

—   Yasmin Mogahed (via soul-submission)

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